Lean Product Management, Development, and Analytics

Test your market hypothesis quickly with the right MVP. Iterate from Plan A to the right plan.

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For Entrepreneurs

For Entrepreneurs

Many entrepreneurs simply lack Lean product development experience. In general, this results in finding a developer from UpWork and wasting a ton of money building a bloated product that nobody wants.

At Synogent, we understand Lean product development. Minimum Viable Products should be built to maximize learning - to test your market hypothesis. This should be done as quickly and frugally as possible.

Synogent can help you refine what your MVP should look like, build it quickly, and help you iterate on your concept until you find the right product-market fit. We can deliver all of this at a fraction of what you''ll end up spending with other developers that just build products, and we can do it quickly.

Established Businesses

You've vetted a concept through the fuzzy front end, and now it's time to test it. Like every company, you're resource limited and you're not ready to expand your product team. Enter Synogent.

We can work with your in-house product management team to take an idea from concept to testable - clickable prototype, 3D model, or even a complete MVP. No FTE's to hire, complete control over the budget, and you can ramp up or cancel the project immediately without having to deal with any resourcing issues.

Established Businesses
Analytics For Everyone

Analytics For Everyone

Product lifecycles don't end with the MVP. Using state of the art tools and technologies, Synogent can help you look past vanity metrics like download counts and bring to light the actual behavior of your users with behavioral analytics.

Can you predict churn before it happens? How do you onboard users to maximize 30-day retention? The split testing you're probably doing is important, but so is understanding how to manipulate a user's experience to elicit outcomes that grow your business.

We can help you build an addictive product as you iterate from Plan A to a plan that works. With design for fast, insightful learning, a responsive development team, and data discipline, we can work with you to find true product-market fit as quickly as possible.


At Synogent, we like all (well, most all) technology. If there's a particular technology stack that you're currently using, chances are we can build for it. We're not just another generic outsourced dev team though; we're a complete product team - product managers, designers, engineers, and data scientists. In addition to software engineers with years of experience working on projects from basic business websites and mobile apps to quantitative finance problems, we also have electrical, mechanical, RF, and manufacturing engineers available to bring your physical product to market or solve your production challenges - whether you're making a cloud-connected IoT device, or a wicked guitar effects pedal.

Product Management

Market Analysis - Hypothesis Development - Persona Identification - Concept Testing - Product Specification Creation - Product Backlog Grooming - Behavioral Analytics - Clickable Prototypes - Operational Algorithms - AI - Deep Learning - Lean Canvas - Financial Modeling

Software Development

Native App Development (iOS, Android) - Web Service / API / Backend Development - NodeJS, AngularJS, PHP, .NET, HTML, CSS - MongoDB, MySQL, Postgres, - Amazon AWS Services (EC2, Elastic Beanstalk, S3, Lambda, Cognito) - Embedded Linux Development - C/C++/C#/Python/Perl/Erlang/Scala - Web Design / Graphics / UX / Photoshop / InVision - WordPress Plugins - NLP

Physical Products

Schematic Capture - PCB Layout - BOM Cost Optimization - RF / High Frequency Products - Embedded ARM, PIC, Cellular Modems, GPS - SolidWorks, 3D modeling - Injection Molding Tooling - Manufacturing Test Solutions - Statistical Process Control - Manufacturing Logistics and Supply Chain Management

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